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Workforce Development: The importance of sourcing talent from within

Expertise in technologies like cloud, cybersecurity and data storage are facing the biggest skills gaps, and it is now imperative for leaders in all industries to address the skills gaps within their organizations in order to survive and thrive amid digital transformations. Author: Greg Shields, Sr. Director of IT Ops Skills, Pluralsight

They may be good with numbers but is your finance team good with data?

Data is already transforming the finance function. Despite this, more than half of employees believe their employer is failing to prepare them for a more data-oriented and automated workplace. This blog looks at the disparity between the opportunity that data offers, and the investment needed to make sure teams have the data literacy skills to fulfil it. Author: Joe DosSantos, Chief Data Officer, Qlik

Closing the data quality gap

Over the past two years, business leaders have faced unprecedented disruption. As the global economy has sought stability throughout the pandemic, high-quality data has been key to ensuring customers remain at the heart of business operations. Author: Andrew Abraham, Global Managing Director for Data Quality, Experian

Data Diaries – Enabling Data Literacy through a Self-Service Culture

Tyler Waterfall, Analytics Developer at Qlik, answers questions about what Data Literacy means to him, working with data and the use of self-service platforms by businesses influencing employee data literacy. Author: Tyler Waterfall, Analytics Developer, Qlik