First flattening, now spiking? What a spike in cases really means

With many countries around the world experiencing a second wave of COVID-19, this episode looks at a term that we will all have seen splashed across headlines over the last few days and weeks – the spike! Author: Kevin Hanegan, Chief Learning Officer, Qlik

The CDO in a COVID-Shaped World

The CDO role has evolved rapidly - but now is the time to focus on driving simple and immediate change in shifting markets. Author: Joe DosSantos, Chief Data Officer, Qlik

Preparing Students For The Future Workforce With Data Literacy

“If Your company Is Not Driven By Data, You’re Going To Be Left Behind In The Next Decade.” Author: Robert Fleming, Sr. Vice President of Customer, Field & Product Marketing, Qlik

How Businesses Can Achieve Data Excellence

Businesses need to be investing in data and analytics, but also data skills and leadership Author: Jonathan Westley, Chief Data Officer, Experian

Breaking down silos and building up confidence: data literacy in heavy industries

Qlik’s Jesse Cugliotta discusses why data is crucial in the heavy industries. Author: Jesse Cugliotta, Director of Industry Solutions - Life Sciences, Manufacturing & High Tech, Qlik

Do you speak data? Why you could be missing out on a large financial opportunity

Check out this blog to learn more about the opportunities that speaking data can drive. Author: Jordan Morrow, Global Head of Data Literacy, Qlik DLP

Why the new marketing CV is all about data

Learn why data analysis and interpretation are the building blocks of marketeers’ success. Author: James Delves, Head of PR and Engagement, The Chartered Institute of Marketing

The Ultramarathon of Data Literacy

The journey toward a data literate society is an ultramarathon, not a sprint. Author: Jordan Morrow, Global Head of Data Literacy, Qlik

Avoiding Data Pitfalls: the COVID-19 Edition

With the unprecedented amounts of data in the current landscape, it can be very easy to fall into common ‘data pitfalls’. Author: Ben Jones, Founder and CEO, Data Literacy LLC

Our response: OECD - how's life in the digital age?

Equipping people with the ability to interrogate data is key. Author: James Fisher, SVP, Qlik

Our response: The digital, culture, media and sport committee - disinformation and ‘fake news’ final report

Read our response to the digital, culture, media and sport committee's final report on disinformation and ‘fake news’. Author: Jordan Morrow, Global Head of Data Literacy, Qlik


    New research shows the data skills gap is costing organizations billions in lost productivity

    The Human Impact of Data Literacy, powered by Accenture and Qlik reports firms globally are still struggling to build teams that can capitalize on the true value of data

    The Data Literacy Project partners with Qlik to launch world-first comprehensive certification for Data Literacy

    Developed by leading academics, unique certification will enable individuals to demonstrate their ability to read, work with, analyze, and argue with data.

    The Data Literacy Project announces Community Forum dedicated to fostering a more data literate society

    Aims to be the Primary Online Destination for Individuals and Organizations to Share Ideas and Resources to Further Global Data Literacy.

    The Data Literacy Project announces advisory board to support the drive for a more data literate society

    Global data leaders unite to help inform and deliver the project’s mission of making Data Literacy an educational and workplace imperative.