Did you know? Only one-third of us can confidently understand, analyze and argue with data.

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Introducing Who we are

Launched by the global data analytics leader Qlik, the Data Literacy Project includes founding partners Accenture, Cognizant, Experian, Pluralsight, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and Data to the People – along with academic thought leaders.

Together we aim to ignite discussion and develop the tools we need to shape
a successful, data literate society.

Our Promise

We’ll have encouraged the world’s leading organizations to provide data literacy training.

We’ll have created the world’s most extensive library of resource-based learning for data literacy.

We’ll have supported global educational institutions to place data literacy into the curriculum.

Meet Our Advisory Board

We’ve assembled a group of respected visionaries all with an extensive focus on data. Together they’ll develop our strategy, help deliver our promise and drive the future direction of the Data Literacy Project.

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Jordan Morrow
Global Head of Data Literacy
Jordan, an industry trailblazer in visual analytics, strives to help people and organizations amplify their data and analytical literacy skills. As a champion for data literacy he regularly delivers keynote speeches on the subject.
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Paul Malyon
Data Strategy Manager
With a wealth of experience in Data Product Management, Data Strategy, Governance and Privacy, Paul believes in the power of data. He works with Experian's clients to help them realise the potential of high-quality information and decisions.
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Jane Crofts
Founder of Data To The People and Creator of Databilities®
Jane is a well-regarded business intelligence practitioner and data literacy evangelist from Melbourne, Australia. Jane works across the globe to build and share resources that develop data literacy across communities, organisations and schools.