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Learn The Language Of Data

Would you like to feel confident when interpreting and working with data?

Access a range of instructor-led and self-paced courses to develop your fundamental understanding of data, both in everyday life and within your organization. Take things further with advanced learning opportunities and assessments to receive our industry recognized, Certified Data Literacy certificate.

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Our data literacy learning plan covers five main topics

  • Overview of Data Literacy
  • Data Foundations
  • Data-Informed Decision Making
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Advanced Analytics

Each of our topics contains a mixture of free and paid modules to help you on your journey to data literacy

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Assessment and training for organizations

The Data Literacy Project works directly with organizations to both educate and change the culture of data within organizations.

Assessment and training for organizations


Data Literacy For Leaders

The Data Literacy Project works with organizations to educate and change their data culture.

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Assessment of data culture and use within your organization

Courses structured to meet the data literacy needs, and upskilling goals, of your organization