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Data Literacy Success Stories

With the volume and velocity of data in the world today – investing in data literacy training is as important as investing in technology.

Organizations who have worked with us have developed a data-literate culture which has enhanced their performance, uncovered insights and helped them make smarter decisions.


Finding the Recipe to be Data Driven

Every company wants to be data-driven nowadays – or at least they say they do. But one of the main hurdles towards realizing this is the belief that access to data should be limited to a few specialist roles. This approach almost always results in bottlenecks and prevents access to an organization’s most valuable data. Fortunately, at JBS USA, our culture is defined by easy access to data and the powerful innovations that it creates. And this in turn requires a data literate workforce.

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Powering data curiosity and transformation

Radiall is an electronic components manufacturer, with over 3,000 employees based throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Over the last few years, we've been growing at an impressive rate - our yearly revenue doubled between 2012 and 2019, from €200 million to around €400 million.

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Avon and Somerset Constabulary

Fighting Crime with Data

We receive tens of thousands of calls every week. But our ability to successfully respond to each emergency depends on the data we have available and how quickly we can draw actionable insights from it.

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Nemours Children's Health System

Data Gets Kids Home Faster

As a U.S. based non-profit children’s healthcare system, Nemours is committed to providing life-changing medical expertise and research.

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Data creates solutions on tap

As demand for our innovative, energy-efficient boiling-water taps grew – Quooker rapidly expanded into new regions.

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Data Literacy For Organizations

The Data Literacy Project works with organisations to educate and change their data culture.

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