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How Data Literate Are You?

Take this short test and discover your Data Persona.

Whatever your persona, The Data Literacy Project has courses that will take your confidence in handling data to the next level.

Data Avoider

Data Avoider are often skeptical of the value of data-driven decisions and processes. They need to see the benefits of using data to validate intuition and tribal knowledge on which they typically rely. Awareness training is pre-requisite to overcoming barriers to change. Avoiders need to understand they can leverage their existing strengths as they begin foundational work in data literacy.

Data Newcomer

Data Newcomers are still in the beginning stages of data literacy, having recognized the benefits of working with data in their current roles. They need foundational learning in data and analysis as well as critical and analytical thinking. Data Newcomers can then build on this foundation with skills in advanced analytical concepts, visualization and storytelling.

Data Apprentice

Driven to become more data literate, Data Apprentices are eager to further their skills in data science, algorithms and statistical analysis. With an eye to progressing to Data Guru, Data Apprentice are also looking to further their leadership, mentoring and overall business skills. Enhance their storytelling skills to demonstrate the power of data literacy.

Data Guru

The most data literate employees have advanced skillsets and experience in data analytics — some may even be data scientists. Support their continued learning in storytelling, algorithms and the latest methodologies for data analytics. Help Data Gurus develop skills in leadership and mentoring, so they can serve as evangelists and mentor others in helping your organization lead with data.

Become Fluent In The Language Of Data

Whether you're a beginner or a pro.
We can help!

We can support everyone to become confident when reading and using data. Designed to take you from novice to data fluency, you will learn to confidently interpret and work with data both in your everyday and working life.

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