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Data Literacy is set to be the second language of business.

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A Blueprint to accelerate your business toward its data-driven future

The ability to read, analyze, work and communicate with data – known as data literacy – is now so critical to companies that it has been hailed as the second language of business by Gartner. The global pandemic highlighted its importance, with many companies starting to rely on data to detect new patterns, respond to changing customer behavior and make first-of-a-kind decisions in a new environment of many unknown factors.

The next few years promise to see the acceleration of data literacy education and training within the most forward-looking organizations. Qlik’s recent report developed in collaboration with the Data Literacy Project and The Future Laboratory, Data Literacy: The Upskilling Evolution, shows that data literacy is set to be the most in-demand skill by 2030, with 85% of executives believing these skills will be as vital in the future as the ability to use a computer is