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Overview of Data Literacy

Why Analytics?

Learn about what analytics is, why it is important in today’s world and how it can be applied to workplace situations.

Course time: 11 min

A Culture of Data Literacy

Learn what data literacy is, what defines a data literate culture and how it influences an organization.

Course time: 29 min

Data Literacy Adoption

Learn how to implement a data literacy program and discover what the key components of data literacy are.

Course time: 22 min

Data Storytelling

Learn what data storytelling is, why it is important in the world today and how you can improve your own storytelling skills. 

Course time: 19 min

Data Fundamentals

Understanding Data

Learn why data is important and discover the different types and attributes of data that exist.

Course time: 23 min

Understanding Aggregations

Learn what data and analytical aggregations are - specific types like mean and median - and why they matter. 

Course time: 25 min

Understanding Distributions

Learn what distributions are – the types and characteristics - and why they matter.

Course time: 23 min

Foundational Analytics

Understanding Signal and Noise

Learn the principles of signal and noise and understand how they can strengthen your skill-set.

Course time: 12 min

Correlation and Causation

Learn what correlation and causation are and why differentiation between the two concepts is important.

Course time: 22 min

Confidence Intervals

Learn the role of point and interval estimates and how to interpret the meaning behind confidence intervals. 

Course time: 9 min

Analytical A/B Testing

Learn what A/B testing is, why it is important
and when to use it. 

Course time: 24 min

Simple Linear Regression Analysis

Learn what simple linear regression analysis is and why this topic is important to your analytics program.

Course time: 27 min

Hypothesis Testing

 To learn how to formulate hypotheses sets and how to correctly interpret results with context.

Course time: 25 min

Design of Experiments

Learn about the separation between observational studies and experiments and the history behind Design of Experiments.

Course time: 20 min

Data-Informed Decision Making

Introduction to Data-Informed Decision Making

Learn the skills and competencies required to properly leverage data and turn it into value for your organization. 

Course time: 32 min

Data-Informed Decision-Making Framework

Learn why a data-informed decision-making framework is needed, how it can help your organization and the steps you need to take to get started. 

Course time: 39 min

Decision Making Analytic Techniques

Learn about the types of analytics available to decision makers and how they can be applied day-to-day.

Course time: 35 min

Advanced Analytics

Decision Tree Analysis

Learn how to tell the difference between regression and classification trees and why both concepts are important.

Course time: 17 min

Advanced Analytics Integration with Qlik Sense

Learn the basics behind Advanced Analytics Integration (AAI) and how to integrate Python into a BI tool, Qlik Sense, with a follow-along demonstration. 

Course time: 76 min

Multiple Linear Regression Analysis

Learn how to analyze a dataset with multiple linear regression techniques and its applications.

Course time: 44 min



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