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Data is the foundation of the future

At Experian we believe that data is the foundation of the future, with digitalization driving huge opportunity for organizations to deliver better outcomes to their customers and take on some of the biggest challenges in society. Data is enabling our choices, fuelling our economy and shaping our decisions and it’s only going to expand as we enter the next decade. As a founding member of the Data Literacy Project we firmly believe that unlocking the power that lies in data and technology relies wholly on having the knowledge and skills to understand, interpret and derive value from it.

From understanding how and why organizations are using data, to having the skillset to read and interpret data in the workplace – data impacts almost every aspect of our lives. Experian has a unique history of helping individuals to better understand their financial circumstances. We’ve seen first-hand how better knowledge and education around data can have a direct impact on protecting the financially vulnerable and providing better access to more relevant products and services. We’re passionate that as data grows in importance, we champion the drive to understand all forms of data so that individuals and organizations alike can access the information they need in the digital age.