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Data creates solutions on tap

As demand for our innovative, energy-efficient boiling-water taps grew – Quooker rapidly expanded into new regions.

But by growing at such a pace, understandably challenges hit us. Our forecasts weren’t accurate, which led us to question our data. Very quickly we realized that we needed to invest in the tools and technology that would enable us to trust our data.


But more importantly, we needed to invest in our workforce so they could understand our data and use it to make brilliant decisions.


A free-flowing data literate team

Before introducing new data analytics tools and platforms, we needed to roll out an educational program to train our teams to effectively handle data.

Our teams are now able to look at data themselves and act quickly. This crucial shift from being informed by data to being able to understand it, interpret it and share it has improved collaboration – bringing everyone closer together. It’s helped us find solutions to our daily business challenges and has helped us deliver success globally.

An independent workforce means they no longer need to rely on management to get involved in the granular detail when it comes to daily decisions. This has resulted in a real culture shift across our organization – giving everyone a sense of responsibility.

Having a data literate team means they can now understand why problems arise, manage them better and even spot them before they might occur.


The future looks hot for Quooker

Data cannot completely eliminate any risks involved with future growth – suppliers can still have material shortages, make a mistake or go bankrupt. But having a data literate team means they can now understand why problems arise, manage them better and even spot them before they might occur.

By democratizing access to accurate, trustworthy data we’ve transformed how we operate as a business. Excitingly we’ve created a new generation of confident, data literate decision makers that’ll help us stay well ahead of the competition.


Uncovering new insights led to the development of Quooker Flex, the world’s first boiling water tap with a pull-out hose.


Greater control of our entire supply chain flow has helped prevent critical issues from happening and enabled us to save at least €50,000 a year.


Empowering employees with data has helped them increase productivity. Which in turn, has enabled the organization to grow.


Our data literate employees have a guiding hand in driving business growth and in the process their careers are thriving.