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How Data Literacy prepared me for the 4th industrial revolution

Lucy Bannister, Academic Program Lead EMEA, Qlik


How Data Literacy prepared me for the 4th industrial revolution.

My name is Lucy Bannister and I lead the Academic Program in EMEA at Qlik.

I am lucky enough to spend time with students (from all backgrounds) and learn how data literacy has helped them with their studies and to become better employees and citizens of the world. In our posts, my colleagues and I will be introducing you to newly established “data wizards” and sharing with you their data literacy journeys; the obstacles they have overcome, and how becoming data literate has impacted their lives. So be sure to check-in regularly to meet our newest class of data wizards!


A passion for data

Today, we’re speaking with Qlik Luminary Ivan Bozov, whose lifelong passion has been to understand how things work and the impact that technology has. Along the way, he decided to pursue his master’s at Vienna University of Economics and Business. As a Supply Chain Management master’s student, Ivan needed to utilize a data analysis and visualization tool as part of his thesis. After testing out several tools, he decided on Qlik, which enabled him to better understand and derive valuable insights for his studies and more. Ivan noted: “in the real world, it doesn’t matter if you studied marketing, logistics, HR, finance or whatever, you will be faced with the scenario where you have data that you need to analyze, and you will need to make decisions based on that data.”

At this point he recognized the need for and importance of data literacy and decided to upskill using resources and qualifications from the Qlik Academic Program. Ivan took as many of the available interactive e-learning courses as possible to solidify his data analytics knowledge and skills, going on to earn all the Qlik Sense Qualifications available.

Data: out of the classroom and into the working world

Ivan found that once his studies were complete, he was hungry to learn more and keep one step ahead: “as a result of my research, I discovered free data literacy resources, such as from The Data Literacy Project and the Qlik Community Forum, an online community where people can share ideas on how to promote data literacy around the world, as well as find a lot of support and guidance from the active community of people there. Now I enjoy contributing to the Qlik Community Forum and sharing my knowledge with others and help to close the data literacy gap.”

Ivan exemplifies how individuals can use free data literacy tools regardless of their area of study, to upskill in data analytics. As a result of his newfound qualifications, it was not only easier for Ivan to find a job, but it also allowed for him to thrive in his current role as a Procurement Intelligence Specialist. Ivan stated: “data literacy facilitates critical thinking and I find myself asking more questions about the data I am presented with. This also enables me to spot bad data and avoid misleading results. In general, basing what you say on data and hard figures is always better in the long run. It gives you more confidence and increases your credibility as well. Data literacy is no longer an optional skill and I believe that organizations are starting to understand that, and shift towards a more data-oriented culture.”

Data in the Real World

Ivan’s data literacy journey has helped demonstrate to him the power of and ubiquity of data – in and out of work. In his day-to-day life, Ivan has now noticed how his newfound data-literacy skills have enabled him to make better sense of the world, whether it is analyzing the statistics and facts presented in news articles or managing his own personal budgets.

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, data is the new language. Those individuals, like Ivan, who can understand, analyze and drive insights from data will be better positioned to succeed in (and outside) of the workplace.

Stay tuned for our next instalment!