Nearly every business is dealing with an incredible amount of data. But collecting it isn’t the same as understanding it — and we’re facing a critical data literacy skills gap. Qlik is on a mission to provide the education, technology, and business strategies that create a data-literate world — where everyone can speak the language of data and use it with confidence to make discoveries that change the game.

Improve your decision-making skills by learning to ask the right questions from your data, interpret your findings, and take informed action. Join the thousands of individuals leveraging Qlik’s Continuous Classroom to grow their analytics capabilities through on-demand video learning, hands-on exercises and more.



Everyone can be Data Literate

Regardless of your role, skill level or the BI tools you use, we can help you start your learning journey with data. From data skills to building to fostering a culture of data literacy within your organization, our Adoption Framework is your quick start guide to success.

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Gain an edge in the era of data

Our global report reveals new insights into data literacy across the enterprise. It also offers practical advice for how to empower enterprises and all employees with the data, tools and learning to achieve personal success and capitalize on an unprecedented economic opportunity.

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Data Literacy blog

Read what our experts have to say on the topic of data literacy.

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